Connect with your former teammates is a platform where athletes reconnect with former high school and college teammates and teams.

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Reconnect with all your former teammates and former teams from high school or college.

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Everyone shares team related photos, newsclips, rosters, results & more. Tag content with seasons, athletes, venues and more.

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Teammates automatically builds & maintains an interactive archive of your team's history as content is submitted.

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Schools manage althletic alumni networks with tools for organizing events, communication, fund-raising and more.

Reconnect with your teammates
  • Register as a member of all your high school or college teams
  • Connect with teammates who played with you and those who played in different eras.
  • Connect with competitors who played against you or schoolmates who played on other teams at the same time as you
Dynamically change views anytime to see different groups of connections.
Check out what your teammates are sharing!
  • It starts with everyone sharing their old team related photos, newsclips, rosters, results and more
  • Anyone can improve the content by tagging seasons, athletes, venues, stories and more
  • Photos submitted by other teams may get included in your archive when they are tagged with athletes from your team
Automatically share content that you post to other social media sites by including #teammates in your posts.
Your team's historical archive
  • Teammates automatically builds and maintains an interactive archive of your team's history as content is submitted
  • Enhance the archive by adding stats from your record books and old media guides
Teammates build Team pages and Schools pages dynamically and you can view them based on any timeframe you want.
Engage with old friends in new ways!
  • is not just about sharing old photos or talking about the team. That's a start, but when teammates connect, we remember how powerful and enduring the bonds we built between us are.
  • With the network in place and the communication channels open, teammates engage with each other in more meaningful ways. Get together's and team support are just a start.
  • Add Linkedin connection info to your Teammates profile and connect for business in our national network of athletic alumni
The world and the economy today are about connections, and Teammates reactivates some of the most powerful bonds we will ever experience.
A better way to build an active Athletic Alumni Association for your school!
  • naturally grows and maintains a contact list of athletic alumni as they engage with the content, each other and with the team.
  • Communication tools, event organization tools, fund raising tools and more are integrated and available for you to use
  • can automatically monitor and integrate feeds from your team's existing Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep alumni involved and up to date.
  • Athletic alumni who are active, engaged through Teammates can help the current team with mentorship, internships, and help with first jobs.
Because it is a social network, athletic alumni stay engaged with each other and with the school without coaches having to manage every interaction.