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John Cantwell has joined Teammates as a member of Carle Place HS Track & Field / XC (1999-2015)
Teams: Carle Place HS Track & Field / XC - Men
Rich Torrellas commented on the post
Matt and Matthew Centrowitz running the 1500 in the Olympics 40 years apart in 2016 and 1976. Great win for Matthew and for USA Track!! Mathew's 50.62 for the last lap has to be the fastest close in Olympic history. Can anyone confirm that??
Teams: St. John's University Track & Field / XC - Men
Rich Torrellas
I cannot imagine the emotion of being the young mans father on that last lap when all hell was breaking loose! And, looking at the photo above, I forgot that young Matthew had made the 2011 World Championships Team that competed in Daegu, South Korea in 2011. If you include other events, you've got a few father/daughters: Micheal Carter and Michelle Carter (silver and gold medals, respectively). And there was a male vaulter who won a bronze medal and whose daughter won silver at the Worlds in 2009. The name escapes me.
Charles Bindert
Great side by side photos! I wonder if there other father and son pairs that have run in the Olympic 1500m. Any historians out there know?
MARTIN LASKIN commented on the post
MARTIN LASKIN has joined Teammates as a member of Plainedge HS Track & Field / XC (2005-2015)
Teams: Plainedge HS Track & Field / XC - Men
Charles Bindert commented on the post
Charles Bindert Shared via Twitter
#teammates What's the prediction for the men's 1500m?

The qualifiers for the men's 1500m final. #Rio2016 #Athletics #Olympics ->
Teams: Christ the King Track & Field / XC - Men
Charles Bindert
That's funny. Hopefully they are pulled in the other direction of wanting to have a good time and move up on the rankings chart.
Jordan Temkin
Agreed Rich, im happy for Matt, but as a high school coach I worry what effect this is going to have on distance racing tactics in high school and college, we saw it 2 years ago at the penn relays where Cheserek (orgeon) and Williamsz (nova) nearly started walking. And that was at the Penn Relays, not even a championship event!
Bill Bakewicz commented on the post
No matter how many times I watch track & field now, I can't get used to field event MEASUREMENTS IN METERS!! It is so much more meaningful in FEET/INCHES. A high jump of 7'10" sounds much more impressive. What do you think? Does anyone in the US actually prefer metrics or at least getting used to it?
Bill Bakewicz
Why not use both? He jumped 2.3876 meters (7' 10"). I too can't get use to it. I'm always converting throws to feet/inches.
Europeans & most international countries uses the metric system. This is what they are use to. No fractions! When I play golf with my Irish/English cousins they add 10 yds give or take to sprinkler head yardage. Get the Track Buddy app which has a metric converter.

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