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Bud McQuillan commented on the post
All Spring Track results and rankings were updated as of this morning.
Bud McQuillan
thank you.
Charles Bindert
Bud: We have had a little difficulty getting the data for the site this season. We just found the problem with Lawrence and you are now in trackconference. Thanks for letting us know.
Charles Bindert made a post
Apologies that the results and rankings aren't completely up to date. We are having some trouble getting data, but hope to have things updated by Monday morning.
Charles Bindert commented on the post
The "Conference League standings" is blank. Are we able to view team results elsewhere?
Charles Bindert
Looks like it's working right now for me. Are you still seeing it blank? If so, what computer browser or device are you using?
Charles Bindert made a post
The final XC races are in the system and the final rankings are online. Congratulation to all the athletes, coaches and organizers who were able to make this season happen!
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