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Mike Ehrmantraut made a post
Lets get Saint Anthony's Invitational and Loucks Games results into performance grids!
Mike Ehrmantraut made a post
Can New York Relays results hit those performance grids? Let's get it done!
Charles Bindert commented on the post
How bout we get Officials Hall of Fame Invitational results into the performance grids........
Charles Bindert
It is now entered
North Shore vs South Shore results have come in and are now posted
Long Island Champion Coach, Jim McGlynn, Passes Jim McGlynn first came into prominence as a star athlete at Bethpage High School in the late 1960s. On the football field he was a quarterback and kick returner, while also earning County Champion and All-State honors as a sprinter. Legendary Bethpage football coach Howie Voigts said of McGlynn, "He was fast, but he was also the Oh No Kid. He woul
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