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Rich Degnan made a post
USATF CLINICS THIS WEEKEND. Saturday and Sunday the USATF Long Island will offer its final weekend of clinics for sprinters, high jumpers, hurdlers and throwers. Saturday 3pm at Island Trees and 3 pm Sunday at Island Trees. Coaches can attend for free. Do not miss out. Our next clinic after these are over will be New Years Eve at St Anthony's
Rich Degnan made a post
The Sunday USATF Clinics have added Saturday November 23rd and Sunday November 24th at Island Trees High School. The clinics including this Sunday November 17 now will start at 3 pm Registration starts at 2 30. Please let your athletes know as the start of Winter track is upon us. All coaches are invited to come for free and learn from our great coaching staff. Good luck to all those racing at States this weekend
Neal Levy made a post
Coaches, As a reminder the Clint Miller meet is on Tuesday. Neal and Adam
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The 4th annual USATF Long Island Fall Conditioning and Technical Event Clinics will start this Sunday October 4 at Island Trees High School. The clinics will go for 7 Sundays and are progressive so try to start the first week. Registration starts at 3 :15 and the clinics start at 4 and end at 6 pm here is the link
Paul Limmer made a post
Coaches, Do you want to take your XC program to the next level? One of the surest way to do it is by encouraging your kids to register for the NIKE many good reasons why an athlete should attend...just ask Manhasset, Syosset, North Shore, Massapequa and many other Sec VIII schools. It’s a must for those wishing to extend the XC season and go to the next level. Go to Paul Limmer
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