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No matter how many times I watch track & field now, I can't get used to field event MEASUREMENTS IN METERS!! It is so much more meaningful in FEET/INCHES. A high jump of 7'10" sounds much more impressive. What do you think? Does anyone in the US actually prefer metrics or at least getting used to it?
Bill Bakewicz
Why not use both? He jumped 2.3876 meters (7' 10"). I too can't get use to it. I'm always converting throws to feet/inches.
Europeans & most international countries uses the metric system. This is what they are use to. No fractions! When I play golf with my Irish/English cousins they add 10 yds give or take to sprinkler head yardage. Get the Track Buddy app which has a metric converter.
Happy New Year to everyone on! Thank you for your support as we continue our mission to reconnect our athletic alumni and teams!. 2017 is going to be a big year
Teams: Christ the King Track & Field / XC - Boys
Rich Torrellas
Feliz Año Nuevos a todos! Happy New Year to all!
Howie Skeggs
Happy & Healthy New Year to all !
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