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Calling all alum. Come on out & join us. 'Tom Farrell Classic' track meet on campus Sat May 6. First race at noon. Alumni reception & celebration of 30th anniversary of 1987 Big East Championship team.
Teams: Essex Catholic Track & Field / XC - Boys
Danny Bell commented on the post
As you probably know Jim Hurt retired after 39 years as track coach. Assistant coach Aliann Pompey was promoted in late May by AD Mike Cragg. On 8/2, I was informed by the Director of the University’s Human Resources, that “under the direction of new Head Coach Pompey” my position as assistant coach is no longer needed. The reason I was told was she intends to hire a new staff and move
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Teams: St. John's University Track & Field / XC - Men
Danny Bell
Sorry to hear this John, not too shocked given the libtard woke pansies seem to be put in charge of things, in my days they would be dealt with. But peace out to you, you were the only one to remember me, God bless you, it meant something to me.
Charles Bindert
Sorry John. Personally I am stunned in hearing the details about how this was handled..
Matthew Cola
For beyond dirt, PM me under Matthew Gordon.
Donald Cotter was tagged in this post
1973 Queens XC Championships at Cunningham Park.
Season: 1973
Teams: St. John's University Track & Field / XC - Men
People: Donald Cotter
John Doyle
Looks like Don Cotter in the rear and I think he eventually caught Charlie who was weighed down by all that hair :) -- love the photo
Rich Torrellas
Does Charlie ever change? When I coached there then I had hair!!!
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Someone from that 24 year old Olympic experience sent me a note today and it made me look though some photos. George Steinbrenner was one of the Chefs, Team Leaders, of the U.S. Olympic Team in Barcelona. Regardless of his media persona, he was a supporting person to the entire team and even appeared at the flag raising ceremony for the United States team. It was after that ceremony that this photo was taken so he was especially jubilant.
Teams: Christ the King Track & Field / XC - Boys
John McCree
Still miss Richie Torrellas, first person I met on St John’s campus while on my recruiting trip. God Bless you my friend.
Charles Bindert made a post
The Armory will be closed for rest of the the indoor track season to be used as a covid vaccination. They said in their statement "While we know this is disappointing, we are very pleased that for the first portion of the indoor track season we were able to host more than twenty meets with stringent health protocols and provide an opportunity for athletes to compete safely."
Teams: Christ the King Track & Field / XC - Boys
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